TCP connection issues 1023


I am trying to connect with my game using TCP connection to the photon server, but I got error 1023 almost all the time (sometimes it does work, but 5 minutes later it does not work as previously). I can connect using the UDP protocol. It seems to come from my environment as my other coworker can connect normally. I do not know what could block the connection on my side. I work from home and I have a router configured as default. I tried to use the tethering from my smartphone and the connection works. So I guess it comes from my local network configuration but I have no idea what I should unblock/disable to be able to connect to the photon server with TCP.


  • Hi @benjaml.

    You should make sure that your firewall and router let TCP traffic through ports 4530, 4531 and 4533 through.
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