Blocking errors with Getting Started tutorial

Trying to go through the getting started tutorial found here:

Using Unity 2018.4.19f1 as recommended. I've gone through the wizard and set up my project. I have not imported the samples because the tutorial says there may be some conflicts if I do. I get to the point where I create the Menu.cs script. When I save it, I get the following error:

Assets\Tutorial\Scripts\Menu.cs(34,13): error CS0103: The name 'BoltMatchmaking' does not exist in the current context

I copy/pasted the code directly from the tutorial to avoid any errors. I'm also noticing that the explanation following the Menu code example is referring to a couple of things that don't seem to exist in this script: BoltNetwork.SetServerInfo and BoltNetwork.LoadScene. It could be that the section is referring to another script that is called after BoltLauncher.StartServer is executed, but if so, then this is written very poorly and needs to be clarified. It's almost as if this tutorial was written for a previous version of the program and then not updated.

In any case, I'm unable to proceed because of the Unity error. Anyone come across this or have any thoughts on how to fix it? I'm about to file it as a bug if no one has any ideas.

Thanks for any help on this.


  • Add "using Bolt.Matchmaking;" at the top of your script.
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