Photon server stability


during the last 2 week there were several issues with the photon cloud servers. Are those issues only related to the free version or is there another version like photon premium / photon enterprise that offers more stability ?


  • Yes, there have been issues, sorry for that. We are monitoring all servers closely and react as soon as possible. We work on getting the stability up to the standards we expect.

    As some of the issues were related to the hosting centers, changing to Premium Cloud and or Enterprise Cloud is not always helping. Only, if those servers happen to be unaffected by center-wide issues. It's hard to predict that.

    Overall, all servers are monitored alike. Maybe exclusive servers may be better when another game is under attack but then you only have fewer servers to mitigate attacks on your own game (on e.g. Enterprise Cloud level).

    Tricky. Mail to [email protected], if you want to elaborate. The guys to discuss this with are not as often in the forum.
  • Hi @benjaml.

    Please check and in case of Photon Cloud availability issues.

    Free, Public and Premium are hosted on the same infrastructure, so their down-times will match.

    We have a dedicated server cluster for each Enterprise customer and Enterprise customers can sign SLAs with us.

    However in general we try to keep the downtime as low as possible for all customers and the cause of a downtime is often out of our hands like when their is an issue in one of the datacenters in which our servers are hosted.
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