Photon, skip lobby, single room in one Unity Scene

So apologies for this very dense question. I have been using Photon for quite some time but have never yet found an example that fits this specific use case, i predict theres a very good reason for this.

I want a single scene with a Photon "Manager" that connects to master, joins a room (random or by name) and then spawns player prefabs.

Most of the examples I have seen have a lobby scene that then loads a room scene, which then instantiates players.

Any advice, tips, links would be appreciated.



  • Photon Chat is a product and not suitable for what you try to achieve. Or at least it's not intended for in game synchronization...

    You can use PUN. It contains two script that do what you want initially.
    ConnectAndJoinRandom is a component that gets you in a room and OnJoinedInstantiate enables you to instantiate a character per player.

    Read and code the Basics Tutorial for PUN.