Do you have Client SDK for Embedded Linux?

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Our company's business requires running games on ARM embedded Linux.

Here are my questions:

1. Do you have Meego SDK for Photon 3?

2. Can Meego SDK run on ARM embedded Linux?

3. If not, could you release the source code of Android NDK or Meego SDK for our reference?


  • 1. Meego currently is only supported for Photon 2. The reason, that we have not released a Meego client for Photon 3 mainly is lack of demand. Its just not worth the effort as long as no one asks for it. I will mention, that you have asked for it, but right now I can't promise anything. However, if we are talking about some major project here, then please drop us a mail.

    2. The Photon 2 Meego SDKs come with ARM builds of the libraries and demos, but in fact we have never tested them on a real arm device, but just with x86 netbooks and tablets.

    3. The core code in general is closed source, sorry, but feel free to mail us about a source license, although I can't promise anything here, too.
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