BOLT Advanced Tutorial SceneLoadLocalBegin never get called

edited March 4 in BOLT Engine
Dear Developers,
I really like the Advanced Tutorial. Level2 works like intended. But Level1 never worked for me, so I try to fix it.
I noticed that "PlayerCallbacks.SceneLoadLocalBegin(string scene, Bolt.IProtocolToken token) " never got called in my case.
but if I use different parameter "SceneLoadLocalDone(string map)", it get called normally, and I can create camera instance.

How do I make sure that "SceneLoadLocalBegin(string scene, Bolt.IProtocolToken token)" get called?
Which Token would be used in this case? TestToken?


  • If the server calls LoadScene without the token override then the other callback will be called instead of the one that isn't being called.
    Following the pattern of all other GlobalBehaviour that receive a IProtocolToken as argument, now all Scene related callbacks without the Token are marked as obsolete. The counterpart that receives the Token will always be invoked, even if the token is null. The dev should check if the token is not null before using it.
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