BoltNetwork.SessionList is not updated correctly

I am using Bolt Free Release v.1.2.11b. I found that the session list sometimes is not updated. I use a second machine to create a session like this.
BoltMatchmaking.CreateSession(sessionID: GlobalVar.ShooterName + "'s Ch", GlobalVar.myShooterToken);

I got no call on SessionCreationFailed and SessionCreated is called successfully.

however, the SessionListUpdated sometime got called while sometimes not. I have also looked at the BoltNetwork.SessionList. and it is empty too.

Any idea? if it is a bug or some setting I have to change? Any thing I can use to troubleshoot it? I tried in both Debug and Release DLL, both got the same issue.


  • Hello @Gil ,

    We will need some more information about your case.

    Are you able to reproduce this behavior using one of our samples?
    How long do you wait to check for an update on the "SessionListUpdated"?
    If you shutdown the client and start again, the session shows up?

    The list of sessions is updated asynchronously, as your peer needs to connect to the Photon Cloud and retrieve this information and there is no way to request this info, as it's sent by the cloud service when necessary. When the sessions list changes (new session, removed session or sessions has it's properties updated), you will receive the "SessionListUpdated" as soon as possible.

    I've performed several test runs using one of our sample scripts (found here) and I was able to always receive the session information.
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