Non-Owners not able to move gameobjects

I am not doing any sort of authoritative commands, simply syncing everything through states, which works fine for the players, but there are objects which should be manipulated in the scene. These are created by the server, not any of the clients so they are only created once, but only the server is able to move them. The client is not able to alter the position of any of these objects. This effect works the other way around too. If the client creates an object, only they could move it. This movement is synced to the other clients and server, but the others are unable to move it.


  • So I understand how an object's owner and controller work, but when I create an object on Server and assign control to Client, Client cannot move the object. It kind of moves but then instantly tries to snap back to its original position.
  • If you change replication mode, the controller will be able to move the transform but it will not replicate to proxies as you are not changing the state on the owner.

    You'll need to use commands events, or another entity to communicate a change you want to the owner of the entity. If you present a use case a recommendation for an implementation can be made.
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