MicAmplifier documentation

Where is the documentation for MicAmplifier? There is not much in https://doc-api.photonengine.com/en/voice/current/class_photon_1_1_voice_1_1_unity_1_1_utility_scripts_1_1_mic_amplifier.html

What is the amplification factor and boost value? What are the min/max values?


  • Hi @sdsasd,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    You're right, documentation is missing.
    Sorry for that.

    The reason for this is that first that UtilityScript was added as a solution for some users who complained about low volume related to audio input devices.
    So, first we gave some code snippets of how to boost recorded audio...
    Then we shared the script.
    After that we decided to include it in the package as a UtilityScript (scripts that are optional).

    Anyways since you asked, we did not set ranges for the expected values for the amplification or boost values.
    It's up to you to experiment with it.

    The amplification factor will be multiplied by the recorded audio frames. (default is 1, recorded audio equals transmitted one => no amplification)
    The boost factor will be added to the recorder audio frames. (default is 0, recorded audio equals transmitted one => no boost)

    I think you can try some positive values for amplification, let's say 2.
    And if you are still not satisfied you could try combining it with the boost, e.g. 0.1...
    You could also use one without the other: boost without amplification...

    Thanks again for your understanding!