In authoritative server,client side controlling

I want to establish a authoritative server where all the client submit his input to server and server will update the movement of players' avatar and sync with the position to client. So ,currently i do it like this:
Create a prefab with two photon network view. one is observe a component that is get local input data. and the other is observe a component that is use for sync position and rotation.
Instantiate the prefab on the client side, so the input data can read by server but ,server can't write the position to the network view as it is not the owner of the network view.
So i have a question how can i change the owner of a specific network view at runtime? Otherwise , can i call instantiate() and it will instantiate different prefabs in different peer. I don't want to use RPC because the input is update in high frequency. Or could you give me an another solution?


  • RPC is not different from syncing positions really. At least not in terms of timing.
    Either communication is part of the same packets that get sent - no matter if RPC or observed position.

    There are a few topics around that are about "changing owner".
    If I'm not mistaken, it's always simpler to use RPCs for this.
  • By the way: The topic is confusing :)
    I understood you that you don't want to code on the server but make any client (the master client?!) authoritative. Right?

    For us (exit games), server is always "in Photon Server".