BOLT ease of use for non-networking developers


We are currently using PUN2 to develop a 1v1 VR sports game and everything is going well enough! However, our next project is looking like a 6/8 player VR FPS. From what I gather PUN wouldn't work well for this, not just from a cheating potential perspective but also just dealing with lag compensation.

Now I've been looking into Bolt but I'm worried that it might be a step too far for the team. The programmers very knowledgeable with Unity & C#, but have no real networking experience apart from working with PUN2. How hard is it to create an authoritative headless server, with key elements like lag compensation and client-side detection? Also is there any way to predict hosting costs that come with such an implementation. PUN2 has tons of tutorial and help from online, but it's much scarcer with Bolt so we are a little worried.



  • Things like client side prediction don't always translate well into VR due to locomotion. Ignoring the VR aspect, there is a full sample with shooting, client side prediction, lag compensation, etc.

    Hosting costs will depend on your provider, orchestration, performance, etc.
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