Some questions about starting with Bolt


I'm currently working on a mobile game and wanted to make it multiplayer.
It's an Android 64bit running game.. is Bolt compatible with 64 bit Android apps?

I want to make a lobby so people can join and create rooms (public or private) as well as join random rooms.
When the racing track scene begins with all players, joining cannot be possible.
Is there any guide on how to achieve this? the documentation is very thin unfortunately..

I didn't see anything about cloud storing, is it possible with Bolt? or I do have to integrate a 3rd party service for that?

Is Bolt really the right choice here taking into account my needs mentioned here? or should I try PUN2 maybe..?

I chose Bolt because it looks very simple, easy and most importantly fast to build.



  • Yes Bolt is compatible with the latest Android.

    To implement that kind of lobby I would take a look at the matchmaking documentation and samples.

    You can use PlayFab for example for LiveOps.
  • Thanks!

    Well I did looked at the documentation but it lacks some key things like methodology or the lifecycle of a Bolt multiplayer game.. I wanted to know what comes before what to build things with confidence.
    I can make a guess by the method names but I don't like to assume stuff..

    Oh and I will take a look at PlayFab :) is it free? this is kinda important to me too.. I'm broke 😅

    Thanks again!
  • The Getting Started docs and the samples should give you a complete picture. If you have a specific question let us know.

  • Cool thanks
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