Bad Local Server Performance Compared to Cloud Performance


I'm trying to migrate my project from Photon Cloud to Photon Server, but things are looking pretty bad out of the gate.

On Photon Cloud, I can send about 1000 bytes before I get this message:

"UDP package is full."

If I exceed this amount, data is lost. That's all well and good though -- for what I'm doing, i think I can stay under 1000 bytes.

But when I switch to Photon Server running locally on my machine, that limit drops to around 150 bytes (!!). This is when I run the LoadBalancing instance with standard settings.

Something must be seriously wrong here, right? Why would the Server version be so limited compared to the cloud version?


  • Hi, @TheoTowers

    We discussed internally what could be wrong with your setup and do not have clear vision for your issue. ClientLib defines MTU as 1200 bytes so, user packet is around 1150 bytes. Local server does not have even way to reduce this size. And of course it does not do this.

    as a secondary consideration, you are the only one who complained about this issue since release 3 years ago.

    So, I assume that something wrong in your local setup

    what client lib version are you using?

  • The message "UDP package is full."is a "INFO" level log, which tells you a datagram was fully filled. It's not remarkable as such.
    If a message would not fit into a datagram, it will be fragmented, not dropped (lost).

    If you didn't already, update the client side libs.
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