Bootcamp demo fragging issues

Hello, I'm trying to modify the bootcamp demo to use a custom character I've made. It all seems to work fine, I can set it up to work using two browser windows on one computer, start a room with one browser and join the room with the other browser so I have two players in the environment. I have only one issue.

The problem is in two parts, but it seems to me to be the same issue. Lets say I have two players in the game, Player1 and Player2:
a) When Player1 grenades Player2, it is Player1 that gets damaged and respawns, not Player2.
b) I can't seem to shoot the other player with the machine gun.

It feels like solving the first part will also solve the second part. It also feels like it should be as simple as changing a variable somewhere. Can anyone offer any advice on where I should be looking?

More info:
I made a proxy soldier model and as far as I can tell, it is set up like the "Soilder" [sic] proxy in the demo. The animations are (mostly) working, I can see it running round being "the enemy" in the way it should. Basically, I made a prefab from my own version of the "soldier_locomotion/soldier" gameobject and changed a few settings (eg, tagged it as "EnemyPlayer", switched off some of the components etc). Still, I'm having the problem described above



  • Ha, ok, I've solved this. All I had to do was assign my proxy to the correct layer. It took me ages to figure this out because all the layers are unnamed (no idea why). Bu I found the correct layer in the "SoldierTargetHUD" game object.