EnetChannel struct name clash

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Hello Exit-Games-Team,

I've just started evaluating Photon for Marmalade and I really like it. I just have a small issue regarding the struct definition for EnetChannel in CPhotonPeer.h. I allready have enet in my project for another communication which is not used for multiplayer communication. So this struct is already defined in enet but has another structure. Is there any chance to use another name in a future release for this struct in CPhotonPeer.h? Otherwise I have to rename it by myself after every SDK update ;-).



  • Hi MonRoyals.
    Thanks for mentioning.
    We will care about this issue for the next release.

    From the next public release on EnetChannel won't be a struct inside the public namespace anymore, but a class inside the ExitGames namespace.
  • That was really fast, Thank you :P
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