CCU limited to 20, license says 100

Hi, as in the title, we have photon server installed, with the free license that says 100 CCU (I can see this in the photon settings menu).

However, when we go over 20 users, no other users are able to join. We also get the following error in the log.

7448: 12:11:35.533 - CTCPSocketServer::ReadCompleted - Exception - CTCPSocketServer::CreatePeer() - Licensing limit: Concurrent connection limit reached. No more connections allowed

I can see that the license is installed, but it seems to be being ignored. Do you know how I fix this?



  • hi, @simonglass

    could you send us entire log file?

  • Hi, thanks for your help,

    This should be everything that you need:
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    Hi, @simonglass

    as far as I may see server does not see your license. File should be in the same folder as server executable i.e. in bin_Win64

    here is log snippet:
    924: 12:20:54.671 - LICENSE: No license file was found. Starting with Bootstrap License.
    924: 12:20:54.671 - License is valid.
    924: 12:20:54.671 - Licensed for 20 concurrent connections.

    Probably all you need is just restart of server
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    This might sound like a stupid question, but how do I go about doing that? I've restarted photon so far as I can tell, but it hasn't made any difference, even though the UI shows it as 100 CCU ( I'm guessing this is a bug?



    Here is an image showing the location of the license and what I see in photon control..

  • it looks like you restarting PhotonControl.exe

    Just open LoadBalancing (MyCloud) sub menu then stop and then start

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