Prevent Bolt AppID from being used by users to create session

edited January 27 in BOLT Engine

I want to start using Bolt for an online match-based game and I was thinking of having dedicated servers acting as host for the sessions. The client will get the match id (GUID) and will be able to connect to the match he was assigned to.
However, I was thinking if there is something built-in or a specific approach which protects my AppID from being used by others, beside my dedicated servers to create sessions (matches).
Since I need to send the AppID to client in order to connect to Photon Cloud and facilitate the discovery of the available sessions, I was wondering how can I prevent the AppID from being used to create pirate sessions (others than the ones created by my dedicated servers) ?

Thank you in advance and please let me know if this is a limitation or am I missing something regarding the usage of Photon Bolt.
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