Unity 2019 + PUN2 + Playmaker = Error CS0117


I will explain what I have done to obtain 6 errors with a new project as I plan to make a little multiplayer game.

Let's go step by step

1- I create a new project in Unity 2019.2.19f1 (64-bit)
2- I imported Playmaker v1.9.0.p19
3- I imported Playmaker Ecosystem
4- I Imported PUN2 from the Asset Store tab inside Unity

Everything is alright and then :

5- I import "Play Maker Pun2" from the ecosystem.

Now I have the following 6 errors :

Assets\PlayMaker PUN 2\Scripts\Utils\PlayMakerPhotonLUT.cs(84,22): error CS0117: 'ClientState' does not contain a definition for 'ConnectedToGameServer'

Assets\PlayMaker PUN 2\Scripts\Utils\PlayMakerPhotonLUT.cs(85,22): error CS0117: 'ClientState' does not contain a definition for 'ConnectedToMasterServer'

Assets\PlayMaker PUN 2\Scripts\Utils\PlayMakerPhotonLUT.cs(87,22): error CS0117: 'ClientState' does not contain a definition for 'ConnectingToGameServer'

Assets\PlayMaker PUN 2\Scripts\Utils\PlayMakerPhotonLUT.cs(89,22): error CS0117: 'ClientState' does not contain a definition for 'ConnectingToMasterServer'

Assets\PlayMaker PUN 2\Scripts\Utils\PlayMakerPhotonLUT.cs(92,22): error CS0117: 'ClientState' does not contain a definition for 'DisconnectingFromGameServer'

Assets\PlayMaker PUN 2\Scripts\Utils\PlayMakerPhotonLUT.cs(93,22): error CS0117: 'ClientState' does not contain a definition for 'DisconnectingFromMasterServer'

As I know nothing about coding I cannot understand if I have done something wrong.
If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated ^^

If I remember correctly I have tried with this 3 Unity versions and I have a set of errors for each one.
Unity 2019.2.19f1 (64-bit)
Unity 2019.1.0f2 (64-bit)
Unity 2018.3.11f1 (64-bit)



  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @NewTo,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Could you post PlayMaker question on the official PlayMaker forum here.
    I think you would get help faster there.
  • Hello JohnTube,
    Thanks for the advice, I did it.
    Im not used to post on forums ^^

    Here is the link if someone is interested in the future.

  • Hi,

    It seems that you haven't imported Pun 2 itself, maybe you imported pun classic?

    I just tested in the same way, fresh project, etc , and all is well:



  • Hello Jean,
    Thanks for your answer.

    So let's try again,
    I will write as I'm trying

    I create a new fresh project with Unity 2019.2.19f1
    I go to the asset store tab, I import PUN 2 - FREE
    I import Playmaker v1.9.0.p19, I install it.
    I import ecosystem and I download Play maker Pun2 package

    And I have the same 6 errors...

    So I will try to download Unity 2019.3.0f5 to have the same setup as you.
    The hub ask me if I want to download some modules too, like "UWP BUILD SUPPORT" "Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017" and so on.
    Do I need to choose something from this list ?
  • Same thing happened to me with the Unity 2019.3.0f5...

    Do I need to download a module or something in order for this to work ?
  • Hi,

    Uhm... something is very odd, I am not sure what's going on here. It looks to me that pun is not installed properly.

    if you only import pun 2 free, does the demo works? can you publish them as well?


  • NewTo
    edited January 2020
    Yeah when I delete "playmaker PUN2" folder I can load the PUN2 demos and it works.
    When you ask me to publish them, I don't really understand. Do you want me to upload the project somewhere ?

    Edit : I can use the "build and run" it works, everything is working without the Play maker Pun2 package from the ecosystem.
  • NewTo
    edited January 2020
    What should I try ? I've deleted everything, downloaded Unity 2019.3.0f6 (64-bit) and I have the same errors.

    Maybe you could upload your project without errors for me to try.
    Maybe I could upload my project with errors for you to try ?
  • Hi,

    Yes, please send me your project with the errors.


  • Hello,

    I have sent you a link with the project as a private message.
    Im not used to all this so I hope it'll be good for the download.

  • Hi,

    you have an old version of pun 2, that's why, please update the asset on the asset store and import pun 2 again, you need the v2.16

  • Hello Jean,
    I did not really understand the sentence "update the asset on the asset store"
    I created an account and I then had an icon to update that I did not have before.

    Everything is working now,
    Thanks alot !

  • Reason for the Error

    This error can be seen when you are trying to reference an identifier that does not exist for that type. An example of this when you are trying to access a member using base. where the identifier doesnot exist in the base class.

    For example, the below C# code snippet results with the CS0117 error because the the identifier Field1 is accesses using base.Field1 but it doesnot exist in the base class “Class1”.


    To fix the error code CS0117, remove the references that you are trying to make which is not defined in the base class.


    Rachel Gomez