Turn all logs OFF


I have already set it to OFF:
_this.logger = new Exitgames.Common.Logger("Demo:", Exitgames.Common.Logger.Level.OFF);

but, I do see the following logs:
[Em] PhotonPeerCreate 1 1 1 1 Photon-Javascript_Emscripten_SDK.min.js:15:485
[Em] PhotonPeerConnect 0x52aa48 wss://ns.exitgames.com:19093 6b62cd49-65db-4f4c-9d25-1db9785839e0 Photon-Javascript_Emscripten_SDK.min.js:15:485
[Em] onStatusChanged 1024

How can I turn these logs off?


  • You are working with experimental Emscripten version of js sdk. It's not possible to switch these logs off currently.
  • Oh. Is it possible to modify this library and turn them off?

  • It's possible but we don't have plans to update Emscripten js SDK at the moment.
  • Can I disable the logs? If it is possible could you tell me how to search for it?