Support for .Net Core 3.1?

I'm looking to port from a home-grown multiplayer solution to a product. Photon Server looks great, but everything I have is in .NET Core 3.1. It looks like I need v5 to use Core. What is the planned availability of v5? Is it Net3.1/C#8 compatible? Is there a beta program?

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  • Thanks.

    BTW - The way it written it seems like it is in 5 (unless you read very carefully) :smile: It looks like the bullets are talking about v5.
    Photon Server, Version 5 (Release Candidate) in January 2020:
    New kernel (that will power win/linux/mac in v6)
    Enhanced custom authentication, matchmaking and new room creation methods
    State of the art Security: TCP/TLS support, UDP datagram encryption and Open SSL (TLS 1.3 support)
    New serialization for improved performance
    The new kernel features .NET Core support
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