Strange room activity

Im developing a fast paced multiplayer game that rely on high player count in one room. However ive been encountering some strange activity regarding room creation.

you see, im using joinrandomroom where player will join any room available. if there is no room available, the player will create a room. i thought everything works fine because i always end up at the same room. but when i see in the analytics. there has been multiple rooms created even though the first room was not even full.

The game is now in early access and i dont have so many players yet. for that, i only open 1 region in the photon dashboard whitelist. my logic is to force everyone to connect to the same room in the whitelisted region. but even when i open only 1 region, the player still creates multiple room. why is that? and how do i make it so that it only create a 2nd room only if the 1st room was full.


  • LúciferLúcifer
    edited January 15
    this looks like a bug from Photon Server V4, try V3
  • I didnt even know that there is different version of photon servers. how do i change?
  • Hi @illogical,

    Are you referring to Photon Dashboard analytics?
    The metric/counter is for Peak/Max Rooms I think, not current number of rooms.

    How big is the difference?

    Sometimes, rooms take some time to be disposed of & cleaned up on the server.
    So while you create a new one, the old one, empty no longer used may remain for a while.
    So the count of rooms should show this.
    Especially if you use EmptyRoomTtl > 0.

    You should not worry too much about this.

    Hi @Lúcifer,

    Photon Server v3 is no longer supported.
    Photon Server v4 should be used now.
    Photon Cloud runs Photon Server v4.
    Photon Server v5 will be out soon, followed by v6 after few months.

    Besides, the OP uses Photon Cloud and not self-hosted Photon Server.
  • Ah that explains alot. thanks @JohnTube
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