process of Connecting to server


i am still new to the backend side of 2 player multiplayer,
i am using photon bolt, and using photon lobby. i am creating a dedicated server to run the game instance on the server.

the idea is that when the client wants to join or connect to a game, the server will start up an instance and thus become visible to the client and connect them to the game..

my questions are:

1) how is the process of calling the server and instantiating an instance of the game, and even finding the server to begin with?

it is this part of the concept which is a little confusing to me..
there is this
which explains the connection process (i am using bolt free)

but how is this done in practical terms..

any help would be appreciated.


  • I would start with basic dedicated server hosting (non orchestrated) or listen server. Most of the samples show different ways of doing this.

    For orchestration (headless Unity instances spinning up on demand) I would look at our Azure PlayFab Server and AWS GameLift documentation and samples.
  • Thanks!
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