Building for Visual Studio 2019


The contains only the libraries for 2017, so it cannot be build with 2019 - gives the version mismatch error when linking. That's no problem for LoadBalancing library, as there are the sources included, so the libraries can be rebuilt. But Common and Photon libraries come without sources and thus cannot be rebuilt. Is VS 2019 supported? How to build for it?


  • Sorry, it seems like it is built for MSVC 2012 - the _MSC_VER shows 1700

    So I wonder if even 2017 is supported and how to recompile for the latest MSVC
  • Hi @ufnv.

    Sorry for the late response. I have been out of office and apparently no one else knew how to answer your question.

    Our Windows Client SDK currently provides libs for VS 2012 (the libs that don't have a 'vc' postfix in their names), VS 2013 (the '_vc12 libs'), VS 2015 (the 'vc_14' libs) and VS 2017 (the '_vc15' libs).

    In the current release of the Photon Windows Client SDK (version VS 2019 is not supported.
    We will add support for it in the next release.
  • Hi @ufnv., which includes libs for Visual Studio 2019 (the new '_vc16' libs), has just become available in our download section.
  • Thanks!