Best Way to Get a Server List?

What is the best way to get a list of all available rooms including all regions?


  • Hello @AaronFrost ,

    It's not possible to get information about all regions at once.

    You can only look for available sessions after you join a specific region and receive this information from the "Master Server" of that region. In this page you can see that the connection process needs 3 main steps: (i) connect to the "Name Server", that will forward to your peer the list of regions, (ii), connect to a region "Master Server", where you can see the list of rooms, and then (iii) connect to a Game Server.

    In order to get information about all regions, you would: (i) connect and disconnect all regions one by one and retrieve this information, or (ii) implement an external service that will connect to all regions separately and update/serve this info to any other client connected to it, like your players.
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