[SOLVED] "You cannot raise events on entities which are not attached"??

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What does "attached" mean, and how do I attach an entity?

I have tons of entities I have created, but the Bolt Log says I only have 2 'Active' entities?

Does this mean that only those "active" entities will be synced?


  • When you use BoltNetwork.Instantiate, Bolt will automatically attach it for you.
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    Thank you.^

    Though I didn't specify, my problem was regarding GameObjects/Entities pre-existing in the scene, not Instantiated GameObjects/Entities.

    For anyone who may be having the same problem, my solution was to press Bolt -> Generate Scene Object Ids. Also, any entities pre-existing in the scene you want to be networked must be prefab instances. (Make sure to Bolt -> Compile Assembly whenever messing with prefabs).

    Like stanchion said, for instantiated entities, they are automatically attached to the network.

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