Error 1043 when joining a room


I have an error that I did not understand when I joined a room

Here are the logs that I have :

Received warning: 1031 from client

Received warning: 1033 from client

received connection error 1043

Error 1043 seems to be a disconnection from the server but is there a way to know a bit more ?


  • Kaiserludi
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    Hi @benjaml.

    From StatusCode.h:

             static const int QUEUE_OUTGOING_ACKS_WARNING      = 1031; ///<PhotonPeer outgoing queue is filling up. Send more often.
             static const int QUEUE_INCOMING_RELIABLE_WARNING  = 1033; ///<PhotonPeer incoming reliable queue is filling up. Dispatch more often.

    This indicates, that you did not call service() long enough for more than 100 reliable messages from the server to pile up in your incoming queue without getting processed and without acknowledging their arrival.

    After 5-10 seconds without getting acknowledgements from a client for the reliable messages that it has sent to it, the server considers the connection to that client as lost and disconnects it (code 1041).

    I am not sure why you get a disconnect by code 1043 instead of by code 1041 in your case, but it might be that client A sends so much reliable data to client B without client B processing it, that a server side buffer for client B overflows.

    Anyway fixing the reason for the warnings should also make the error go away.

  • I've had another issue with error 1043 but this time I did not get the warnings for incoming or outgoing queue. Is there any way to know more about the actual error ?

  • Hi @benjaml.


    static const int DISCONNECT_BY_SERVER_LOGIC       = 1043; ///<Disconnect by server due to server's logic (received a disconnect command).

    That's all that the client knows.

    Usually this is caused either by a server side buffer for that client experiencing an overflow (in which case you usually trigger a queue warning on the client prior to the error).

    Please try to reproduce this issue with a self-hosted server instance and have a look at the server side logs for more information.