Can users in different rooms talk to each other?

I have implemented a system with Photon Chat that allows users to chat with people in their current room and with friends in other rooms. Is it possible to do something similar with Photon Voice, or do the users have to be in the same room?


  • Hi @zippo227,

    In Photon Voice, users need to be joined to the same room to communicate with each other.
    Photon Voice is built on top of Photon Realtime which is also the case for PUN.
    Photon Chat has another architecture that allows users to communicate all the time when connected to the same virtual application (AppId/AppVersion) and same region (servers).
  • Hi @zippo227,

    You Photon Voice rooms do not have to match your Photon Realtime rooms. You could just create one new Photon Voice room per Chat channel and one per private Chat conversation and let all participants of that channel/conversation enter that matching Voice room.

    However that means creating one Voice instance for each Voice room that you want to be active in in parallel as each Photon Voice instance can only be actively joined to one room at a time.

    However you could also not automatically create a new voice room for every channel/conversation, but only create it after the user tells you to through the UI and you could make that UI-option implicitly let the client leave (or become inactive in) the previously joined voice room. That way one voice client would be enough.

  • Hi @Kaiserludi , thanks for that quick response! I got caught up in other tasks, but I am going to be working on testing your suggestions.

  • Hi @zippo227.

    One more note:
    If you go with the approach of having multiple Voice instances for the same user on the same device so be able to be active inside multiple voice rooms at once, then keep in mind that each connected instance will count against the CCU separately.