Auto start Photon Control and auto start Load Ballancing (MyCloud)

I cannot seem to be able to can the following :)

I checked Photon Control Autostart Photon Control but it does not seem to start when loging in to windows.

I even set the PhotonControl.exe to always run in administrator mode.

It would be a huge help to also autostart Load Ballancing so that I can mimick even more having a real cloud without every time having to start my cloud manually.

Thank you for the support.


  • @troglodescu
    In sub-menu of 'Photon Control' you may find what you are looking for

  • Thank you for the reply,

    As I said before, I already checked Autostart photon control but it does not auto-start when windows starts. I am also looking of a way to make the LoadBallancing(MyCloud) start when windows starts.

    Are you referring to something else that I may have missed ?

    Thank you
  • Solved :)

    Indeed, installing load ballancing as a service makes photon autostart when loging in on windows.

    The confusing part was that photon control was not at all in my tray so I thought my cloud was not running.

    Testing the app, indeed shows that the server is up and running by default.

    I don't know why it does not show up in my tray though.

    Thanks again for the help
  • @troglodescu probably you did not set up PhotonControl to start during Windows start.

    Read my answer there is solution for that

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