PlayerCount, Peers and Connections Actives do no match

Hi there,

We are analyzing disconnect issues on our On-Premise server. We are monitoring some game and lobby stats on the client side and some counters on the server side.

Here are the numbers from Windows Performance Monitor that we are trying to make sense of:

1) Photon server is running, no client connected:
-Peers: 2
-Connections Active: 1

2) First client connects to the lobby:
-Connections Active: 2

3) First client creates and joins a room:
-Peers: 4
-Connections Active: 3

4) Second client joins the lobby:
-Connections Active: 4

5) Second client joins the room:
-Connections Active:5

We are using PUN and PUN Voice. We would like to know how the Peers and the Connection Active counters are calculated.
It looks like Peers=(2*PlayerCount)+2 and Connections Active = (2*PlayerCount)+1
Does each Voice instance count as an extra Peer/Connection on top of each PUN player? We just want to make sure that we don't instantiate extra players by accident.

Many thanks!


  • Hi @BlastOff,

    In Photon Voice Classic or PUN Voice, when a player is joined to a room there are two connection/two peers per client yes: one for PUN and one for Voice. When the player is not joined to the room, we Voice peer is disconnected, so you have only the PUN peer.

    For the default stats without any client peers:
    2 peers and 1 active connection.

    My colleague @chvetsov may explain (when he's back)

    But I think it's either:

    - server to server connection is counted, so game server to master server is one connection + each server has a peer connection?
    - there may have been some leftover client peers not disposed of or cleaned up in the server.
  • Hi @JohnTube ,

    Awesome, thanks for the clarification :)!
  • @BlastOff, @JohnTube is absolutely right

    master and game servers have one connection and two peers for that one connection.

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