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Is there anyway I can help to get a linux version of Photon up and running? it will be really useful to have it run on linux not windows.

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  • you can not run Photon on Linux, its a windows only application at the time
  • We are looking into it but it will take some time, still.
    Meanwhile, Amazon (and others) do a good job in terms of Windows hosting.
  • can not imagine such a great framework dont work with linux. linux is very easy to manage and control. My company has give up windows for years, both for server and client. Since the flourishing of iPhone OS, we are just using either Ubuntu or Snow leopard.

    I really want to try it but those ".sln",".dll" files make me dizzy...
  • The stuff you have there are the .net solutions that run on top of the socket server.
    the socket server is a unmanaged C/C++ application which will not run on linux at all.

    Just cause you could potentially get the webapps to run (though not as easy I would guess), this does unhappily not have any impact on the core itself upon which you build
  • The Core (C/C++ part) was written on Windows and became highly optimized over time. It does not have an abstraction layer, which makes porting to linux more complicated than just using some different methods. Sadly, there is no timing for the linux / mac version.
  • I second the request for linux version. While it's not a deal killer for me there are various inconveniences and problems with running windows. I use Redis as a data store on the backend and the Windows version of Redis is about 11x slower than the linux version. Redis itself is insanely fast enough that this isn't really a problem in production. The more serious problem is that the windows version of Redis is unsupported. A lot of software falls into this category, it works on windows but is unsupported. This makes production usage a risky proposition.
  • Personally I don't think there is any need for linux support. Server solutions are usually best platform specific as they need to be more reliable and stable as opposed to client solutions. Even tho I use both Windows and Linux I don't think there is benefit in dividing resources across platforms, just use where it runs best or find different solution, Photon was made on Windows i say it should stay that way. And I honestly think there is no difference whether it runs on Windows Server or Red Hat or Mac or whatever.

    jz87 you said yourself if you try to run linux optimized stuff like Redis on Windows you are to expect problems and performance degradation. Don't take me wrong on this, I fear that multiple builds would slow down development as new stuff may need to be made platform specific and also tested separately. Support would have to divide into platform specific groups too. I think more focus is needed elsewhere, it would be too much of a burden for future. Feel free to comment.
  • I agree that the focus on Windows should remain for the sake of support focus and optimization.

    Windows servers don't cost more than linux servers anymore and those who favor / desire to remain on linux could always use VM solutions which will likely perform just as well if not better than trying to get mono working fine with highly optimized code specific to MS .NET especially when it comes to things not present and supported in mono at all.