How to open a scene when all clients are finished loading that scene?


I wanted to open a scene(game level) when all of the clients are finished loading that scene. I think mechanism something like that might work but I couldn't figured it out how to open a scene after all clients finished loading.

- When all players joins the room. (In my case 2)
- Load the 'Loading Scene' on both clients.
- After that start loading the 'Game Scene' async.
- Show each player's loading progress through sliders.
- Each client that completed loading the scene sends a Photon Event.
- Once all of the clients completed loading, master client opens the scene.

I built this mechanism except the last step. Can I use allowSceneActivation with PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel ? (I know that PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel based on SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync but AsynOperation's allowSceneActivation property not open to access(I think for a good reason).)

Thanks in advance.
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