Problem With Overriding Methods After Firebase Import

I recently imported Google's Firebase API and after doing so, I got a bunch of errors from my Photon methods (like OnPlayerPropertiesUpdate) saying there is no suitable method found to override. What's the issue here and how do I fix it?


  • Hi @zblase,

    This looks like an issue w/ Unity's import, compiler or maybe asmdef system.
    We're not aware of clashes w/ other 3rd party assets.

    What Unity version are you using?
    What did you import exactly? I mean a unitypackage file or an asset from the store or just copy pasted files or a new package format?
  • Hi @JohnTube,

    I'm using the latest version of Unity (2019.2.11). It all started when I integrated Firebase (Firebase Database, specifically). I did this the normal way by importing (Asset -> Import Package -> Custom Package...) packages; FirebaseAuth.unitypackage, FirebaseAnalytics.unitypackage, and FirebaseDatabase.unitypackage (in that order). After importing FirebaseDatabase, I received a bunch of errors but realized it's because that package can only be ran with the deprecated version of .NET scripting runtime (3.5). So I switched that option and got a bunch of other errors with a different package, TMPro. That's when I stumbled upon PlayFab (which I wish I would've found before I decided to implement Firebase). I deleted all of the Firebase packages in my assets and imported/setup PlayFab. I then ran my game to test the PlayFab Login/Register functionality and it worked perfectly fine. Oddly, after running it, I got the error in my console saying there is no suitable method to override for OnPlayerPropertiesUpdate and wasn't able to run again.
  • Hi @zblase,

    If you do not use VCS or cannot do a clean checkout of your repository.
    Try closing project, deleting (or moving to backup) temporary project folders like "Library", "obj", etc. and opening project again.

    Or maybe there is really an issue w/ the code or asmdef.
    Double-check the code and make sure the class has access to Photon.Pun namespace and assembly.
    Try removing the script and adding it back.
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