Syncing Vehicle with multiple passengers

Hi, I'm making a VR project with a moving vehicle that has multiple players/passengers inside of it. So players don't have their own vehicles, they just share this one vehicle. What is the best way to sync the position of the vehicle with the players, considering that the players are children of the vehicle and we can't have any sudden movements or sudden changes in speed for VR players not to get sick.

I have tried syncing the position of the vehicle at the start of the level and also syncing it's speed (OnSerialize) however that doesn't seem to be accurate enough as the vehicle is slightly off it's position on each client. However this method is comfortable for users as the vehicle moves at a smooth and expected rate.

When I tried syncing the position constantly, I found that the vehicle on the non-master clients was not smooth enough to make a comfortable experience, due to network traffic and lerping to the synced position it did not have a consistent speed. But of course the position was close enough to look the same on all clients.


  • If the players are actual children of the vehicle, you should be syncing localPosition.
  • yes players are children of the vehicle, what do you mean by localposition, the local position of the player or the vehicle (which is the same as it's world position)
  • bump.. any photon experts have any suggestions on how best to address this?
  • hi, anyone have suggestions on how to handle this (multiple players inside one vehicle)?
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