PUN doesn't work in unity editor but only when build stand-alone

Hi guys i ' ve a problem, when build e and test my project between standalone and unity editor my project doesn't work.
Each one is connected to server but not enter in scene together (in editor there only one my self player instance).
If i open two stand-alone build (without unity editor)it's work fine.
I've a try a different unity version, reimport all, clean and reset photon server setting but nothing.
When i open and connect in editor i don't see anyone enter in my room from stand-alone.

Any suggestion for test together editor and stand-alone?

PUN version 2.13 lib
Unity editor 2019.1f1 and 2018.2

Thank you


  • Hi @Mustang4484,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Each client is probably connected to a different region.
    Clients need to be connected to the same virtual application (AppId, AppVersion, PUN version) and the same servers (region).

    You could set a fixed region string in AppSettings directly.
    Read our "Matchmaking Checklist".
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