Find the right ReverseStreamDelayMs value?

Hi! When using Photon Voice and the WebRTCAudioDSP component, how does one find an appropriate Reverse Stream Delay MS value (it being a hint to the Acoustic Echo Cancellation routine)? It's set to 120 by default. Does it consist of just decreasing and increasing the variable and doing fresh tests with a group, or can I get to a good value faster? Thanks!


  • vadim

    I think it's used as initial value for reverse audio path delay. Then dsp adjusts it iaccording to actual delay. The closer initial delay to actual value, the sooner echo cancellation starts doing its job. So in theory it makes sense to set the value to the average of delays of all devices the app will run on.
  • Philipp
    Great, thanks! That also better explains to me now why initially there's stronger echoing in my app.
  • Hipshot
    edited September 2022

    Any insight as to how to find the average delays the app runs on?

    Update: I am working on desktop macs and PCS on broadband connections, set the stream delay to 50 and it solved my echo problems.