What's "AEC Mobile" for?

Hi! I can't find much documentation on the WebRTCAudioDSP component I'm using on my Photon Voice Network gameObject.

What is "AEC Mobile" (Acoustic Echo Cancellation Mobile), is that something one should always tick (and untick "AEC") when the target client is mobile/ Android/ iOS? Is it more performant?

(Might be of interest to others if more documentation was available at this page, but maybe I'm missing something.)



  • Hi @Philipp,

    You cannot use "AEC" and "AEC Mobile" together.
    "AEC Mobile" is meant for mobile as its name suggests yes as it's more optimized for that case.

    We will add WebRtcAudioDsp to the documentation soon.
  • Thanks!
  • Philipp
    edited October 2019
    When clicking AEC Mobile, another option pops up: AEC Mobile Comfort Noise. What is that? Thanks!