serialize struct

As the topic says, how do i serialize a struct within photon. Is that even possible? I noticed "CostumTypes" code in the PUN package, but im not sure how to do this for struct.

Anyone knows?


  • You could indeed add your struct to the CustomTypes.cs:

    in Register()
    PhotonPeer.RegisterType(typeof(MyStructType), (byte)'Z', SerializeMyStruct, DeserializeMyStruct);

    Then also add the methods:
    private static byte[] SerializeMyStruct(object input){
    private static object DeserializeMyStruct(byte[] input){

    In these two functions you'll have to serialize your struct into an byte[] as shown for the other types.
  • Well, when i try to sync a object array with RPC, it seems that i have to add the amount of the array lenght to the rpc function parameters. How do i only collect the array instead of its unpacked?
  • would u like to example me how i should get photon to sync this struct?

    I dont know what to do inside the place where u have the //TODO
    public struct playerData {
    		public string name;
    		public int seatid;
    		public int money;

  • Sorry, we can't write your code. We did this with Vector3 and others in the PUN class CustomTypes. Look it up in the Unity project, then it will become obvious what to do.