Regular disconnects

I began to notice regular disconnects, even when connected to a local server. When connected to a remote server disconnects happen even more often. I can't remember it happening that often before.
PunVersion = "2.15"


  • Hi @develax,

    What is the disconnect cause?
    Did you read "Analyzing Disconnects"?

    By "remote server" you mean Photon Cloud or a remotely self-hosted server?
  • develaxdevelax
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    Hi @JohnTube ,

    I have no idea about the cause,
    Yes, I read.

    By "remote" I mean Photon Cloud.

    I downloaded photon-server-sdk_v4-0-29-11263.exe and updated the client Photon Pun2 library. Now I always get disconnect due to timeout when `PhotonNetwork.CreateRoom()` is called. And I have no problem with Photon Cloud.

    Which log should I look into to figure out why I'm getting disconnects with the locally installed server?
  • Hi @develax,

    The disconnect cause is provided in the OnDisconnected callback parameter. It's an enum value.

    Make sure to configure Game Server address properly.
    Maybe the client is timing out when trying to switch to the Game Server when creating rooms.

    Server log files.
    Check the application (LoadBalancing) log files?
    @chvetsov can help more with server related questions.
    I will move this discussion to the server category.


    Note: didn't you get a more up-to-date Server SDK version from us by email?
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