Completely new to Photon

Hi Everyone,

I'm having difficulties getting started with Photon. I can't find complete documentation to make a simple sample. Something along the lines of just two FPS Controllers in a game that can see each other, that's it. Just a real step by step guide to how to do it.

I am very familiar with Unity and programming in general.

If anyone can assist to reference to such an example or reference material I would highly appreciate it!
PS. Is there a manual somewhere out there for Photon Cloud?
PSS. This software does look promising!! :)

Thanks a lot!


  • Hi, you should check the Bootcamp Demo or the Viking Demo to start ;)
  • I am working on a tutorial similar to my unity networking project.
    However, for now the available materials are:
      PUN documentation PUN demo scene Viking demo Unity networkig tutorials/documentation can be usefull as the API is almost the same (just PhotonNetwork. instead of Network.) Angry bots demo (not recommended for beginners though, it's quite big/complex)

    (The bootcamp demo does not use PUN but uses Photon directly instead, PUN is easier to use)
  • Sounds great! Where can I see your tutorials??? :)