The name "photonView" does not exist.... [RPC]

I'm following the Viking Demo, trying to get RPC working but I have a problem I cant solve: I attached my Script to a GameObject with Photon View attached and it keeps saying "The name "photonView" does not exist.... ".
void Update() {
photonView.RPC("FunctionName", PhotonTargets.All, input1, input2);

void FunctionName(int input1, float input2) {
array[input1-1] = input2;

It would be nice if you could help me. By the way, is there is reference out there? Would be really really nice.


  • Leepo
    Please check the types of the input1, input2 that you are sending in UPDATE. they must match exactly (int and float)
  • Maliex
    Thank you for your quick response, after checking the viking script I recognized that I forgot to implement Photon.Monobehaviour but Monobehaviour. *doh*