Which product should I use ?

I'm developing a multiplayer cross platform mobile game, much like Brawl Stars, and wondering which product is best suited for this type of game ?

Your option means the most to me!



  • Hi @nisanb:
    Which game engine do you use?
  • nisanb
    edited October 2019
    Sorry, I thought that was obvious that I am using Unity.

  • nisanb said:

    Sorry, I thought that was obvious that I am using Unity.

    Photon supports a range of platforms, languages and engines.

    As for which product, generally speaking if you are new to Photon I would suggest going in and getting comfortable with the PUN2 package for unity. There are many examples shipped with it cover most of your netcode needs.

    In regards directly to "Brawl Stars", PUN2 itself would be a solid fit as it fits the criteria for "hassle-free" synchronization and room limitations with the advertised player count in the match.

    It comes out of the box with Lobbies, Matchmaking, Host Migration, Sync helper classes (Transform & Animator), as well as RPC's, RoomProperties, PlayerProperties and PhotonView (Which you can specify which data you want synced with custom serialization).

    With most mobile network games this is all you need. Hopefully this helps.