How to deal with updates in Photon Server

So, if I release a new update for my game but I still want to keep the old version running for a while(let's say, for 1 week), how exactly should I do that? from the way I see I need to buy a new license just for that, but it's a complete waste of money, half of my player will be on the new version and half on the old one, none will be close to the limit ccu and I will buy a new license of 1 month to use for only one week.
What should be the best approach for this situation?


  • HI, @RafaCmk

    it is not possible without service disruption.

    so you may create new applications in your photonserver.config and use them to connect from new version of your game. Then later you will update photonserver.config again and remove the old version

  • @chvetsov Wati, I'm confuse, I want to run both at the same time.
    I want to keep running the old version for a while so ppl have time to update and run the new version , both at the same time.

  • hi, @RafaCmk

    well, in described solution you may get exactly what you want.

  • @chvetsov Oh, I see.
    I tested it and didn't work but now I see it's because they were using the same ports.

    Thanks man.
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