Normalize voice volume?

Hi! Is there a good way to normalize the voice volume of others so that everyone (no matter their mic sensitivity) is heard at roughly the same loudness?

(I came across this as a start, but not sure if the best approach.)



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    Hi @Philipp,

    Sor for the delay on this one.

    What Photon Voice version are you using?
    What Unity version are you using?

    Could you try attaching WebRtcAudioDsp to the same GameObject as the Recorder and enable AGC (Automatic Gain Control)?
    Keep in mind that WebRtcAudioDsp is available on Photon Voice 2 only and on select platforms: Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.
  • Thanks, I will try that! I'm using the latest Unity and Photon (and can easily upgrade either for this if needed, as I'm still in development phase).
  • PS: Is there any downside to using WebRtcAudioDsp? I'm also in need of its echo cancellation, so it seems very useful (so useful in fact that I'm wondering why it's not enabled by default, which brings me to this question of possible downsides).
  • PPS: Adding it I'm getting "WebRTCAudioProcessor: input sampling rate (24000) must be 8000, 16000, 32000 or 48000". The Photon Recorder select box allows me to pick e.g. 16,000 and 48,000. Which should I choose, and what are the pros and cons of this?
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    Hi @Philipp,

    The higher the sampling rate the better audio quality you get.
    The higher the sampling rate the more traffic it will produce.
    48.000Hz may be considered the standard for audio recording.
    This first result from Googe search is a good read.
  • Thanks! What is the suggestion for when using Photon Voice, room capacity is from 1-8 people, and the audio is exclusively speech? I.e. is 48k overkill and should I be using 16k?

    I will do further testing, but your view on this would be very helpful, especially as I work alone (so I can't quickly do voice chat tests).