Chat not work

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Hello, i have a game in ios and android from 1 year ago and there is chat is work fine but today not work and i don't know why, also when i test my game in unity editor some times is connected but not received and send massages
and some times is not connected ever !!

Is there maintenance or something happen ?!

Some Information :
Hosting : Photon Cloud
Region : Ru
Protocol: UDP

Note : "chat is work from 1 year ago" , and i don't make any change or update


  • JohnTube
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    Hi @mahmoud93p,


    My colleague @ChristianB just informed me that there is no RU region for Photon Chat. (Full list of Photon Chat regions, which are fewer than Realtime/PUN/Voice's regions)
    I think you are sharing PUN's settings.
    Not sure which region Photon Chat is connecting to, probably EU.


    Is this issue still occurring?
    Maybe there was an intermittent issue to access the RU Chat servers?