Photon plugin for construct works until I export it to my html website where it crashes and doesen't

I also tried running it on Xampp this did not work either
Error Message (using chrome):
c2runtime.js:315 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'ConnectionProtocol' of undefined
at m.Aa.t.aa (c2runtime.js:315)
at e.lg (c2runtime.js:121)
at XMLHttpRequest.Xf.b.onload (c2runtime.js:89)


  • vadim

    Which Construct editor version and Photon SDK version do you use? Do you minify during export? Does it fail on projects for Photon SDK? If not, can you provide simple project which reproduces the issue?

  • Gravity
    Construct 2 release 265, I'm not sure how to check the photon version but I believe it is the latest one version Realtime sdk
    . I did minify during export and I can send the capx with the simple project!q5dC0AIA!VtpIcOybUnCEq1XLgU1Kn256kR0bU0A8o85XUHzJRD0
  • Gravity
    Also I found out the cause of the issue is loading scripts from another website which HTTPS doesn't like is there a way to get this to work and still have https on top?