Send Message to All Current Players w/ Photon Cloud?

I suspect there is no way to do this, but I thought I would ask just in case. I am using Photon Cloud, and I would like to alert all currently playing players in my game that a new multiplayer race has been created. Is there a way to do this?

EDIT: More info about what I am trying to accomplish. I have this racing game which uses the Photon Cloud, Currently the players can "hangout" in a multiplayer driving park, which is just a room with a max of 10 players. The number of "hangouts" increases with more concurrent players. But I am treating the "hangouts" like lobbies because I would like players to be able to join multiplayer races from inside the "hangout". When they press the "multiplayer racing" button they should be able to see if there are any current multiplayer races waiting for players. But since they are already in a room, PhotonNetwork.GetRoomList() will not work. So, I am not sure if/how I can do this with Photon Cloud.



  • No there is no way to do it and it would be very hard to achieve it as the games are not even running on the same machine / same space.

    But you can temporally leave the room you are in to get a room list and then rejoin it again if you want.
  • Thanks for the info.

    is temporarily leaving the room, getting room list, and rejoining a common way that people accomplish things like this? It sounds messy, but I don't really know what I am talking about.

    Another thought I had was to keep track of available multiplayer races in a database (separate from Photon Cloud, of course) and have players query it. Does this sound like a better solution? I am still learning about all this stuff, so any advice is appreciated :)

    EDIT AGAIN: I just noticed this thread which is talking about the exact same thing: Sorry for the almost duplicate thread...

  • Using a database and query it through an an operation on your own photon server install or a webservice through WWW in Unity would definitely be a much better solution as its possible unlike the attempt to get a roomlist from within a room due to the split existance (different players are not needfully on the same game server etc)

    Generally such special things that require server modification would be a thing you would do on a self hosted photon server, as the cloud does not allow you any server side modification, only client and master client
  • Thanks, dreamora :)

    I am looking into the self hosted photon server option, too. Unfortunately, I have no experience setting up and maintaining my own server, so Photon Cloud has been a very attractive option. But at this point it may be better to learn the server stuff. So much to know :?
  • Hosting a windows machine isn't hard and remote desktop is something you might have used already.

    Comapred to coding the server side its for granted peanuts ;)
  • You can try to run Photon on your local machine. From doing it there to doing it on a server, it's just a small jump. ... iveminutes

    A client can have more than one peer (connected to the same or different servers). You could have one server for the hangouts and use Photon Cloud for matchmaking and playing. This would be a simple way to do it.
    Alternatively, the server SDK gives you full freedom to do this any way you like.