Some questions about self-hosted photon server license.

Hi @JohnTube
  • One license can be used for only one server?Or it can be used for a whole photon server load balance cluster?
  • If hardware resources(CPU memory or bandwidth) on a server are exhausted and the CCU is not reached, what will happen when calling JoinRoom or CreateRoom.
If the server CCU is reached but hardware resources are not exhausted, What will happen when calling JoinRoom?
  • Can we configure some parameters to limit the room count on a Game Server?
Please help answer the questions ,thank you.


  • hi @JohnTube

    waiting for you help :) It's very important for us, thanks.
  • Free licenses (100 ccu free and Unl. ccu trial) may be used on one machine only. And only for non-commercial purposes.

    For paid licenses, you need one license "seat" per machine, that Photon is running on with that license.
    E.g. you can subscribe to a paid plan for the 500 ccu license for 6 seats (machines) - so you are allowed to run that license on 6 machines (regardless, what role a Photon takes on a machine).

    If your hardware is at the limit, most likely no more ccu can be handled. What exactly happens depends on what kind of limit you hit. Timeouts, disconnects, ...

    If the license ccu is reached, no more connections are allowed.