My player is changing armor mesh when he equips item from inventory, so for each armor part he has a different mesh, now when im in the room with other players and changing my armor they don't see that im changing meshes. They are still seeing a naked player. Im using Photon Pun 2 and i'm wondering which method would be the best to use here. Should i set RPC on method where i instantiate mesh and send that rpc to everyone, or is something else better?

Im usually using rpc for methods like "takedamage" and simillar, would it work the same in my case?

Goal is to have all players in the room to be able to see when someone is changing armor(mesh).


  • I would try with RPC method, send the name for the new mesh and the index_part for example, like "red_helmet," TypesArmor.Helmet. When the players execute the rpc will change the mesh on the respective player that invoked it.
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