Photon voice Classic - Proximity voice chat

can someone explain to me how to send audio to a group, I want to send the audio to users who are only within a range for the optimization of the data sent, since my game is 20 players and I do not want the 20 players to be sent the audio, the photon bill is very expensive, I want to make a system that only those inside the collider sphere send the audio, I was testing the:

PhotonVoiceNetwork.Client.ChangeAudioGroups (null, new byte [1] {ListUser.toArray ()});

but it did not work, I do not understand, I thought that this function was to send only the audio to different players.


  • sorry this code is this
    PhotonVoiceNetwork.Client.ChangeAudioGroups (null, ListUser.toArray() );
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    Hi @SoulCastry,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    In case you missed it, we added a "DemoProximityVoiceChat" that makes use of Interest Groups in Photon Voice 2.9.

    You can check it out and see if it helps you.
    You could also check out these links:
    Although this documentation section is on a documentation page for Photon Voice Classic, the concepts are the same and still apply for Photon Voice 2 (only minor changes in the API are required).
    You can also see the discussion here.
  • I just learned that photon voice 2, has a proximity demo, I will try it, if I like the result I will migrate my game to photon 2.

    thanks for your answer