Player Prefab tutorial

(I copied this from another thread, this seems like a better place for it)
Hi there. I'm trying to go through the tutorials, using the update that just dropped, and I'm getting a null reference exception when trying to check if(photonView.IsMine). I assumed I made a typo or something, so tried using the included PlayerManager.cs file instead, same error on awake, line 67. I was trying to maybe use PhotonNetwork.GetPhotonView() to assign it a value, but I can't because it's read only, and I don't know which view to get anyway.



  • JonBrantJonBrant
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    Oh, I also had to make the script in the tutorial inherit from MonoBehaviourPunCallbacks to get photonView to show up. Not sure if that's an issue
    That was the next step
  • JonBrantJonBrant
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    Ok, I was able to get past this by changing the contents of Update() to
    if (PhotonView.Get(this).IsMine) { ProcessInputs(); } else { if (PhotonNetwork.IsConnected) { Debug.Log("Transfering ownership to you!"); PhotonView.Get(this).TransferOwnership(0); } else { Debug.Log("Not my photonView! Can't transfer because !PhotonNetwork.IsConnected"); } } if (beams != null && isFiring != beams.activeSelf) { beams.SetActive(isFiring); }

    This only works if you're connected, so I used the buttons we created in the previous sections to get connected and it seems to be working. But I now realize that this will just assign every photonView to one player.... so I need a proper fix

    Well, continuing with the tutorial got me sorted out, but being told to hit play and see it working when getting errors is clearly pretty confusing lol.
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